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Chapel Hill TOD Plan

Chapel Hill and Carrboro, NC


Chapel Hill, NC, in anticipation of an unprecedented growth spurt estimated to result in the town population increasing from 50,000 in 2007 to 80,000 by 2025, prepared a Long Range Transit Plan. The plan encompasses services ranging from high investment rail and/or bus corridors to express bus service to enhanced local bus service.

CSS assessed the potential for transit oriented development around these corridors. After identifying potential development locations and grouping them into a series of site typologies, CSS developed design guidelines, including density, massing, scale, building form, setbacks, and parking for each typology. We identified opportunities and constraints for each potential development site and developed a build-out projection. For specific sites representing each of the typologies, rendered site plans were developed to illustrate the design guidelines and potential build-out.

CSS also evaluated state-of-the-art funding mechanisms including Transit Impact Fees and Transit Improvement Districts.


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