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Davis Square

Somerville, MA


With its mix of active retail/businesses, public transportation, open space, cultural institutions, residences, health care services, nearby universities, and a vital arts community, Davis Square is one of the most successful urban squares in the Boston metropolitan area. Unfortunately, the Square is showing the wear and tear of its success.

CSS is leading the design team to improve transportation infrastructure, balancing all modes of transportation and providing better clarity, flow, and safety to all users. Improvements will expand opportunities to strengthen community use through the development of new plaza space and a new palette of materials will strengthen the identity of Davis Square.

The work includes the conceptual through the final design of streets, sidewalks and open space, and all associated streetscape materials including pavements, site furnishings, pedestrian, and vehicular area lighting, plantings and bicycle facilities. Improvements to intersections and crossings and wayfinding throughout the Square will bring better clarity and safety.


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