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Tanner Street Brownfields

Lowell, MA
  • Tanner Street Brownfields


The Tanner Street District encompasses an EPA Superfund site, along with several other brownfields and a number of vacant and underutilized industrial parcels. The Area-wide Plan, funded through a Brownfields Area-wide Planning Grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency, focuses on a vision and recommendations designed to support the transformation of the area into a district that is both economically and environmentally sustainable, with new clean industries creating jobs and increasing tax revenues; and an attractive, healthy environment with improved multi-modal transportation opportunities and access to natural resources.

When implemented, the plan will result in 409,000 square feet of new development, $1.4 million in new annual tax revenues, 2 new parks and a new greenway, new and improved multi-modal access and circulation, enhanced streetscape and gateways and new zoning to support redevelopment.

The Plan lays out a series of implementation actions, identifying responsible parties, next steps, potential funding sources and a time frame for each action. The City is using this Area-wide Plan as the basis for designating the Tanner Street Urban Renewal District and intends to use District Improvement Financing (DIF) as a primary funding source for infrastructure improvements.


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